Symptoms of Paranoia

The shaver definetely has got it in for me. I think it’s kind of a love-attack, though, it just wants to fulfill its purpouse but are too eager and keeps almost killing me in Das Prozess. It’s the Edward Scissorhands of shavers. Philips – We Make Minced Meat.
Always fun to go to work with that throat. "No, it’s not a meat-eating virus, it’s my shaver."

I just have to add it to my lately growing list of symptoms. Symptoms of Paranoia.
Here they are:

  1. The shaver tries to kill me 
  2. The birds in the shower tries to kill me 
  3. I swear, the bots I play Microsoft Heart with are making joint efforts to take me down 
  4. I keep having dreams that involves being on the sea…?
  5. I write ‘symptomps’ instead of ‘symptoms’..
    "My mind is going.. I can feel it.. My mind is going.."

Thus goeth teh dayth.

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