Don Martin's last album (in English)

The 10th of October DonMartin will release his third and last (English) solo-production. As you may know, I bought and enjoyed his 2nd album called Al Dente EP, and I’ll probably buy this new one too. DonMartin writes anti-capitalistic, anti-globalization and pro-peace lyrics combined with real, homemade beats. One of the more interesting things to come out of Norwegian hip-hop scene. Lately he has been a third member of Gatas Parlament (Parliament of the Street).

Download Alarmclock Resistance (Feat.Pariah and Tumi) in MP3 format NOW!

The new album (and last one in English) is called Situation Normal All Fucked Up.
If he delivers anything along the lines of the quality album Al Dente I’ll be satisfied.

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