Pregnant women in doors

It always comes as a surprise when you meet a pregnant woman with crutches in the door. It just baffles me. I’m all like: Shit. You are pregnant, aren’t you? And Shit. You really have crutches, don’tcha? Moronic, maybe, but that’s the worded thought of the moment. You’d better not say it out loud.

Just wanted to point that out.
I have nothing against pregnant women. They are often very radiant, when they’re not hormonously disturbed and lashing out at you for not holding the door or something. You should always keep the door open for a pregnant woman. Not because she’s a woman, or pregnant, but because the danger she implies simply being so. Especially if she has crutches. I’d be afraid of a troll if I met one. Doubly so for a troll with a warhammer.
Not that pregnant women are trolls, of course.

The one I met just now had a cup of coffee too. Needless to say, I’d rather hold the door for her the rest of the week than having that hot liquid thrown at my beautiful face. It says something about a man, you know. I find myself utterly gentlemanly. That aside, pregnant women are often very radiant. May be from the danger they exhume, but it doesn’t change the fact. And doors.. Well, doors are gateways. To the bathroom in this particular event.

EDIT 27.09.05:
Today I almost killed her with the door. One more reason not to rush into things. Especially if things are pregnant women. See above reasons.

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