MSN weekend

My cousin just sent me a MSN message stating that this Sunday between 18-21 is the official MSN day. According to the message all ye users shalt be onlineth. Why? Because it will be so much fun! All of your friends will be online the same day at the same time!!!

Either MSN has some serious problem with their profit schemes or MSN addicts need to get a life.

First off: Sundays are for hangovers.
If you don’t have a hangover on Sundays, you are either a really hard drinker or b) friendless.
Second: Why is that fun? I can imagine you logging on Sunday @ 18.
– .. so.. What’s up?
– Nothing..
– But this is SO COLL, ritgh=?
– But nothing’s up?
– No..

What would have been great fun is the yearly MSN day where all the people you have blocked on your favourite *messenger list commited collective suicide. Would have made for some great webcam event:) Vote for the best way to go! Next thing you know, Microshit adds a new button next to the "Block this user" option: "Suggest for yearly hangman event".

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