Link of the day: Giant Octopus revealed!

Cryptozoologists may rumble, ’cause Japanese scientists captured a GIANT SQUID on camera. It was a delibarate hunt, they staked out spermwhales, and the finding was a 8m long octopus. It has long been thought that these creatures can grow to enormous size, since huuuuge hickeys have been found on whales. If the ratio is the same as on the octopus caught here, then the marks reported on whales could point to a monster as shown in this artistic picture.

It makes us think about the historical reports of the Kraken (pictured to your right)

Octopuses aren’t octopussies. Like the seacow.
They are predatory beings and some believe that the big ones do consider themselves the kings of the ocean. Just have a look at this fight between a shark and a squid! Intruiging!
If you’re into this kind of thing, check out how this horse kicks ass on a puma!

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