NAAP: Pidgeon Conspiracy Theory

The NAAP is back with more research material. This time we’ve got a report from our office in Berlin. The Berlin office was uprooted in 2004, so it won’t compromise any of NAAP’s agents’ security disclosing the fact that we did have agent(s) in Berlin.

The last report called The Pidgeons Awareness Program (PAP) can be accessed here, exclusively, as usually:
" Think about it!
Did you ever witness the cold war? Did you ever see any evidence whatsoever which could conclude a cold war ongoing? Neither did I. The cold war was simply a front, a cover-up, to allow the two superstates to exchange illegal booze and cigarettes using nuclear submarines in international waters. The satellites, spies, and telepathic Soviet agents were only there to keep us commoners under surveillance. How would the public react if they knew that two superstates that had been at each other in the past, were friendly business partners?"

Pidgeon Awareness Program (full report)

I have also heard rumors about a more steady stream of scientific reports.
In that regards the NAAP is going to change name to interNet Action Against Penguins.

If you have any questions to any agents or unofficial members of the NAAP, please contact me. And for those "government officials" with an interest in my knowledge: I’m always told a posteriori any operation.

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