Life's very strange

Life is very strange. Not absurd, just very ironic. It laughs at you. Sometimes you just feel that someone else is living your life, and when you sit there philosophizin’ in the bathroom, you’re wondering if they’re having a good time with your life, since you surely think it sucks.

This weekend I paid off a hooker.
It’s true!
I paid her to make her stop asking me to suck my dick. One houndred fucking crowners!

That’s the kind of logic you find really logical at three am in the morning. Me and some friends had been to a hiphop gig, just coming in a little too late to check out our friend who was turning tables earlier. Saw this rap couple who did some good beatboxin’, but spat mostly whack shit. All my friends have girlfriends, so they were soon out, and it was time to get on home.

Then this Nubian girl grabbed my arm and told me she could rock my world.
I didn’t even consider it (for real!) ’cause my world was pretty rockin’ after all that beer. But I got into existentialist mode and asked her Are you a person? She replied that she was. Then, I said, I would have to take her out to a dinner and a movie before moving into the blowjob activities. Yes, I would even have to fall in love with her first. That was my argument of course. Ok, she said, but do you have any money?
Sure I do. *shrug* That was my pride mode kicking in.
And I gave her a 100 note for leaving me the fuck alone.
That’s ironic.
She’s the hooker, but I’m the one who got fucked.

And for something completely different; this is the only smiley I’ve ever liked:

It kind of worships me. Every other smiley I’ve seen just make me wanna smash the screen, but this one was pretty cool. It makes you feel good. Keep worshippin’! Down, girl, down! .. Must be how Nietzsche saw classical philosophers:)

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