Mister Rock, Mister Blues, Mr. Bob Dylan!

That’s right!
I caught the Dylan Neverending tour here in Oslo the 18th. Me and Kornelius teamed up for the event, not knowing exactly what to expect, which turned out to be the right kind of expectation. Because Dylan choose his current style himself and in the moment. He played a set of more or less known songs, I’m not a fan but I recognized All along the watchtower, Lay, Lady, Lay and Route 66, all great songs. So he satisfied my newbie needs, even though he put his characteristic touch on each performance.

Dylan has apparently put away his guitar for his keyboard. This is fine with me, but I was really upset Oslo Spectrum had such a bad quality when it came to sound. I think it might be the building itself. It just sucks compared to the Oslo Concerthall where I’ve seen Nick Cave and Lou Reed among others.

I will check out Dylan in the future, methinks. I really like some of his material. As for other performances I hope to catch before I die: Tom Waits, Neil Young etc. etc. We’ll just have to stay put and ready!

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