Scariest picture of the day: Julie Cox

Look at her eyes… look at her eyes… she looks alien. On LSD.. UAAAH!
It was so scary I had to write it on the picture. And because IMDB denied hotlinking:)

The new furniture at work has been installed, but I’m the only one sitting here.

Me: It’s got the “back to school” feel to it, this office
Me: Pretty depressing
Female co-worker: I know.. Depressing, indeed!
Female co-worker: We’re quite cosy here, for the moment..
Female co-worker: Are you guys feeling lonely?
Me: There’s only one of us here, and – consequently – yes
Female co-worker: Oh nooo…
Female co-worker: Come here it is much cozier where we are with beds and fancy chairs and stuff..
Me: that’s random…

I think revealing more would be plainly immoral. Or painfully boring.

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