Word of the day: Tit, n.

I’m learning English as best I can, and today while doing my daily philosophical investigations, I stumbled onto the word tit. This is what Oxford had to tell me:

Tits are small, very active birds.
They belong to the Paridae family, but include birds from other families, such as the penduline tit (Remizidae) and the long-tailed tit (Aegithalidae). The majority of tits live in woodland, nesting in holes in trees or banks, and feed on nuts, seeds, and insects. They have small, stout bills, short, rounded wings, and square-ended tales.

Remember kids, the next time you’re out on the town chasing a bird, it just might be a tit.
Ah, how I love tits! It’s sad to see them go in the winter, though.

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