Two out of four exams. Woot!

I’ve just finished my 2nd exam this semester. This one was in FIL2502 – Philosophy of the 19th Century. I wrote about Nietzsche, mainly Nietzsche, then a little about Peirce and why Nietzsche cannot be viewed as a pragmatist "under" Nehamas’ interpretation.

I started like this:
"In precisely two hours ago when I was sitting with my morning coffee, I thought: What a complete and thouroughly miserable morning.
But then I thought: Who makes this day go? Who creates this, my day? Isn’t it me – my will?
It can’t be expected then, that I under any circumstances are to relate myself to Nietzsche in any sober way. ‘Cause Nietzsche is full of love – and I’m in love!"

There is no better way to start an exam. That’s my truth.

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