I am haunted by a demon

Just the other day between watching Jackie Brown by honorable officer of brilliant movie minds mr. Tarantino, and stupifyingly intelligent Kubrick’s Eyes Wide Shut I caught a "documentary" on National Geographic about UFOs. Now. As a philosophizin’ man, I’m very into the subtleties of the mind, in very many senses. There’s the Schopenhauer sense, the Freudian sense, the religious sense, Nietzsche’s sense, Kierkegaard’s sense, and not to mention all the senseless senses. And, in any sense, National Geographic’s documantaries cannot be said to be thoroughly scientific.
Then again, what is?`

They aim to please, but what they do have apart from their obnoxious belief in scientific sceptics, is a sense for presentating several viewpoints. They only fail to underline that even though the fanatic UFO believer sees a manned extra-terrestrial spacecraft where the fanatic scientific sceptic sees a planet known as Venus, these are both interpretations without further evidence, and in any undecided matter they are both true. As for the UFO fanatics I can’t understand why any object that is not identified and happens to be flying must be a manned ET spacecraft. Where is your imagination?

Blah blah blah, they got to sleep paralysis to explain UFO abductions, a neatly surprising view that caught me, for one, off guard. And they told me about hypnosis and its apparent flaws, without mentioning the few, very few cases which are unresolvable. It’s cool that you can prove that some percentage of UFO landing sites are actually witch-rings or fungus, but again National Geographic pounds on leaving the remaining percentage in utter darkness. Now that is not scientific. That’s entertainment:)

But this is not about scientists and their prejudices, not about UFOs or hippy aliens conducting experiments to save mankind (Question: what does the cows have to do with us then? A new intergalactic breed? Mancow? Is that the answer?) – first and foremost it’s about me. It always is. It’s my freaking blog and if you want to read about someone else go to someone else’s blog.

And I’m haunted by a demon. A demoness of course, but nevertheless. That is, I really don’t like to use the word haunted. It’s such a harsh word. And she’s a really nice demon. It’s just that whenever she’s around I can’t get out of bed. My alarmclock calls for my soul to wake up and seize the planet and once again constitute supreme rule, but she’s there on my pillow, "just a wee bit longer, Sigg3" and I’m all ears, turning off the clock and tucking myself in the blanket. Smothering myself in the pillow.
"Why get up at all?" she asks rhetorically, "we’re so cozy here. Isn’t that right?"
And you know that you can’t deny a rhetorical question. What if the question isn’t a rhetorical question?

The entire last week I had to fight her satanic presence, though. As you know I had an exam last Friday, and from Tuesday till Friday I had two alarmclocks on. The one exploding just half a minute after the other, so that the authority of the succubus would cease, cast aside by the Good faith of Coffee and Cigarettes and the cut-throat knowledge that if I don’t pass these exams I’ll be 40K under.

Then again, I shouldn’t complain so much. Guazzo wrote about this demon in 1608: "The incubus can assume either a male of a female shape; sometimes he appears as a full-grown man, sometimes as a satyr; and if it is a woman who has been received as a witch, he generally assumes the form of a rank goat."
If my succubus ever takes the form of a goat, I’ll never be able to sleep.
But if you’ll excuse me. Time for dinner… and a nap:)

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