Mondays are for sleeping

During autumnn I always have trouble getting up in the morning. I’m like a bear. It’s dark and cold outside, so I want to chill in my den. What’s wrong with that? Well, my employer would think so, friends have asked whether I’m depressed, and I f**k up my daily rythm.

But no. Nothing’s wrong with me.
I just want to sleep.

When I was in High School I had the same problem. One of the teacher was obliged to ask whether I was having any trouble at home, any discontent at school or if I could please tell why my absence had sky-rocketed. I said: I just want to sleep.
This particular teacher is a man I respect very much. We had Religion & Ethics with him, and I really enjoyed his classes. And this man said to me: Well, that’s perfectly natural. It’s really strange that Norwegians drag themselves out of bed to be at school 8:30 am, when the rest of nature is asleep. I tell you what, you can come when you feel for it and sleep when you need to.

That’s what I call a teacher. Too bad the rest of society doesn’t see the point. After all, we ARE natural beings, biological creatures, and subjected to the very same natural laws and rythms as other animals. Ok, we don’t go into hibernation like the bear does, but when it’s all dark all day and hellishly cold, you stay inside.
So, really, it isn’t my problem. I’m following my natural instincts. How about you?

Besides, it really is cold around here these days. "Colder than a ticket taker’s smile at the Ivory theatre on a Saturday Night" as Tom Waits puts it. And being so cold that hell frozen over seems like a walk in the park, I overslept. I figured that it was warmer in bed than anywhere else I was supposed to be today, so I just decided that the smart thing to do would be staying there. ‘Twas simply a matter of survival.
Apparently my employer is not so concerned about that as I am.

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