Subway Sandwhich Postlude

Mmmmm.. Sitting here with a Subway sandwhich. The ham and bacon melt. Mmmmm.. To eat or not to eat – it’s no longer a question. This one is better than Viagra.

So, Today I realized that our bathroom smells like girls. Not really that strange, because this weekend there’s been a total of three girls steadily using the bathroom. But then I thought again and realized that what we’re really talking about is that these girls smell like our bathroom. Now it’s no longer a good thing. Who knows how long the bathroom smells can endure? Not that I’m smelly or anything. It’s more like the natural law of a bathroom to smell.
Oops. Dressing in the keyboard area. Hang on…

I can’t believe that I used to hate Subway. It was all for irrelevant reasons. But you have to understand that this was way back in 2004. I was so young and unexperienced. I hadn’t dealt much with sandwhiches, and I probably just felt a little insecure around them. But I’m a new and better person now, one that has learned the essentials of ham and bacon, and I – for one – welcome our Subway sandwhich overlords. Mmmmmm. Bacon melt… Make love to my tastebuds.

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