Situation normal all fucked up (DonMartin)

The album has been out for a little while, but I haven’t had the time to get my inquiring hands on it yet. As I jot down earlier, I’m expecting DonMartin to at least meet the standards he set for his last album, the Al Dente EP. I appreciate genuine originality in music, and you can hear when a musician is having fun and when he isn’t. Take the Homework album vs. Human after all by Daft Punk. The former is brilliant, the latter ok.

The album will be the last project in pseudo-English for the Scandinavian rap veteran. It’s characterized in Norway as the "end of the euro-hardcore era". The record is a chaotic combination of black humour and frantic resistance against the violent ways of the human race. Don Martin claims our world is one of «self inflicted brutal bestiality, based on a fundament of slave labour, robbery of rights and injustice».

I’m ordering it as we speak from, and I’ll let you know what I think.
If you want to check out some previous work, I recommend you to download the mixed Repaint the Picture/Deliver the Word music video from his website. For RealMedia (20 MB) click here and regular MPEG (40MB) click here (and choose Save target as). Spread the word.

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