Sweet revelation!

Finally I got my hands on a cd that contains a song I’ve had on my mind since fall 2003. It’s Mars Volta‘s Inertia esp from De-loused in the Comatorium. Brilliant track. It’s so refreshing to get a new sound into my collection, and I’m as thrilled as a geek with a gadget, a child with a new toy. I’ve been listening to a lot of Massive Attack lately, the Mezzanine album, and today I got blue lines.

But little can stand in the path of alternative rock, be it Radiohead or in today’s case, Mars Volta. And I think it’s a safe assumption that every once in a while when I freak out and buy something new, like when I bought The Streets, I’ll always return to alternativ rock. Grunge. Seattle Rock. And Todd Snider, of course:)

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