Transcript while Nexiuz is running on my laptop.
In-game shooting and screaming in the background.

Boss: Sigg3, aren’t you working?
Sigg3: There’s nothing to do, man.
Boss: So, you’re playing games?
Sigg3: ..
Boss: Why don’t you have a look at this?
Sigg3: Can’t right now, waiting to hear whether we are going to use it or not.
Boss: But you have to do something
Sigg3: I am doing something. Don’t worry, I don’t write hours on it
Sigg3: It’s just that… I have to kill some people.
Boss backs off slowly.
Sigg3: HEADSHOT! If that wasn’t a headshot then I don’t know what is!
Sigg3 to Boss: See what I mean?
Boss: Sure.. Go ahead…

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