The last hangover of 2005

Today was my last hangover of 2005. It was also one of the worst. It was memorable.
Sit down, and I’ll tell you everything about it.

A sudden surprise of existing shocked my tired consciousness at around three pm today, and it failed to get me out of bed. I realized that I had arms, and with that kind of equipment it was possible to turn on the heater and my water-boiler without leaving the comfortable denial-of-everything. My thoughts worded my establishing of what had been: I have a terrible headache, therefore I am. And sighed as I was made of air.

I’m so hungry now that I can eat anything. You see, living the kind of hectic life I do, I mostly forget to buy food for more than one day. It’s perfectly natural since I’ll have lunch at work etc. The other food is spoiled and looks more of a science project. Which is also perfectly natural, but it doesn’t taste very good.
Right now I’m sitting here with a banana.
My stomach is one major gap.
Which could have something to do with the throwing up it seems I’ve been doing.

My hands discovered the remote and turned on the radio. It was some kind of story about North-Norwegian fishermen and fish quota politics. For a while my mind struggled with the language, trying to keep words apart and pry some meaning off it, but I soon gave up. It was nice listening to the wind and the sea in the background though.

Getting into the shower three-four hours later required careful consideration. It didn’t turn out to become the kind of life-altering decision it had seemed like from bed, but there being hot water and all was enough to bring about some better mood. This was definetely one of my worst hangovers. Even my cellular phone had some peculiar reactions. First it didn’t want to stay on. Then it blanked the time, set it to 00:00 in Berlin, and changed from 2005 to buddhist years. Year 2548 to be exact.
That’s nice. I overslept from work by about 543 years.

Not going to work was probably the smart thing to do. I still think it is, even though I’m sitting at work now. But don’t worry, I’m only sitting here. Now that the banana is finished and my coffee is cold, I’ll try to figure out what to do before it’s time to hit the sack. It’s one of these days I miss a television set.

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