Happy New Year!

Since there’s this family dinner tonight and desperate preparations for New Year’s Eve tomorrow – I haven’t bought the beer yet – I decided it was just as good to wish my readers a Happy New Year asap.

Happy New Year!

I’ve been slacking in terms of updating my weekly polls, and some of you have noticed my complete lack of updates on Female of the Year 2005.

This is due to many reasons.
1) I’m lazy
b) Lack of interest
and III) I haven’t had the time to upgrade my polling system.

Will there be a Female of the year 2005? I don’t know yet. And I’ll be waiting for your response on this matter. I know I love women. I know you do too. But FOY has always been up to you guys!

Anyway, we’ll talk about it in the next year. Now I want to chill before the great eve. Happy New Year!
Oh, and I don’t have any new year’s resolutions.

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