Link of the day: Garden Gnomes need homes: adopt a gnome!

Garden Gnome getting it on!No, we’re not talking Bill Gates’ kids or anything. Garden gnomes!

Actually, they claim to have the finest collection of garden gnomes in the world. What does that mean, really? I think all of them look suspiciously like old, perverse drunks. But no. According to this site, they’re "high quality garden art". You learn something new every day:)

Link of the day:

You should especially check out the fascinating photo shoot called The Senior Garden Gnomes put Jezebel on trial. Jezebel was an unsuspecting bitch, e.g. golden retriever, put on trial for digging in the flowerbed..
(The picture attached does not reflect the Link of the Day’s business profile or secret agenda… at least not as far as I know…
But I mean, you do start to wonder when people do this
for a living, right? I wonder what they do in the spare time.. Do they walk around nude? With a storage room of voyeurist gnomes? Now that’s a fetish if you ask me!)

2 thoughts on “Link of the day: Garden Gnomes need homes: adopt a gnome!

  1. We ask that you please resist the temptation to enslave the gentle members of Gnomekind. It’s such a traumatizing experience for us, being boxed up and carted around like common garden statues, being sold by merchants who lie and say that the fact that we are suffering from “Stock Still Syndrome” means that we’re “just statues”, denying our living state. Please learn more at . We provide free Standard Legal Gnome Emancipation papers for you to use, the opportunity to sign our petition or HUG a Freed Gnome and a supportive environment for Freed Gnomes. Thank you for your time reading and considering our viewpoints.

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