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Sigge swimming for his life (Norwegian)
Twice a week the Persian cat Sigge must swim 80 metres to make up for its damaged legs. As a kitten, its legs started to give in, and Sigge was due for being put to sleep. But then a dog-fysiotherapist came up with his water gymnastics and saved Sigge’s life. We’re all very grateful.

Beaver boom worries Oslo (English)
"The City of Oslo is carefully monitoring its newly swelling population of beavers as the rodents move nearer the capital’s sources of drinking water." I’ve never thought of beavers as rodents before. But they sure can bite! Check out the picture of caretaker Henning Kristiansen. Looks like a beaver hunter, all right.

Nasa to test SuitSat technology February 3rd
This breathtaking new technology is nothing but an astronaut’s suit. "SuitSat is a Russian brainstorm," explains Frank Bauer of NASA’s Goddard Space Flight Center. "Some of our Russian partners in the ISS program, mainly a group led by Sergey Samburov, had an idea: Maybe we can turn old spacesuits into useful satellites." SuitSat is a first test of that idea.
I can foresee 2001-like consequences here. They just send up shuttles with people innit, "ready to do some maintenance", and all of a sudden the pod bay doors won’t open..
– Open the pod bay door, HAL….
  Open the pod bay door, HAL.
– I’m afraid I can’t do that, Dave.
– Open the pod bay door, HAL.
– I cannot compromise the mission, Dave.
(mumbles something under his breath)
– Do you want me to sing you a song while you freeze to death, Dave?

.. which brings me to my latest hack tutorial: How to make a satellite
1. Find some stuff
2. Find a suit
3. Toss stuff into suit
4. Toss suit into space
5. Sue NASA for copyright infringement
6. ????
7. Profit!

Sigg3 receives /. MOD points!!
Yees! After all this time!
The journey has been long, and dangerous.
I have seen many things along the path. Small, furry things, with teeth.
I have learned to acchieve puddles of peace in the chaos of the Universe,
and alas! the Buddha gives me Slashdot MOD points.

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