Latest Internet Relay Chat – logs (IRC)

mixtapelove6: if a four year old kissed you on the lips twice, what would you do?
Fosforix: hit it with the newspaper and say "no"

italy4me: i hate fucking people.
italy4me: wait.
italy4me: reverse that
italy4me: i fucking hate people.

<CreQ> a lot of millitary interragaters are psychologists
<thecatisold> and a lot of priests are massage therapists

<erl1> my gf is getting 8mbit
<erl1> im glad i didn’t dump her
<erl1> im gonna go over to her place with my box and leech

Lunatic: All those opposed to the patriot act raise your right hand
Lunatic: Raise your hand high
Lunatic: Now raise the other one
Lunatic: Hands behind your back
Lunatic: you’re under arrest for treason

<McMoo> wouldn’t it be great if someone made a program where we could connect to a server and chat with each other in channels we create?

[PhantomDeath(] hey tim, im realy good at Windows NT. Do you think I could be apart of the 2600 network?

<var> hrmm
<var> how the fuck did a shortcut to e13ay end up on my desktop
<var> what kinda nefarious shit is windows update pulling
<Guilty> It’s your computers way of saying it wants a new owner
<Guilty> Like a dog scratching on the door to get out

<Prae> omg
<Prae> why the fuck do people put copyright notices ont heir shit
<Prae> it takes me long time to remove it :(

<jstepka> there is nothing about you a complete personality change couldn’t fix.

5 thoughts on “Latest Internet Relay Chat – logs (IRC)

  1. Hmm, I was trying to post a comment to the “Monday’s misgivings” and the “first” word thingie won’t let me post. ‘s is messing up the anti-spam defense, methinks.

  2. Anyway, here’s my comment for “Monday’s Misgivings”

    You didn’t lose your job, didcha? Hang in there, I’m sure things will turn around.

    The upside is that in a few years you’ll get to use all these experiences as fodder for raising your kids. “What?! You want cash to go out? Lemme tell you something – in my day we didn’t have cash…”

    At the very least you have to keep going because I like your blog *G*.

  3. Thanks, I did’t loose my job, not yet at least:D
    I would’t quit my blog if my life depended on it. Err.. Well, I would, but my life does’t depend on it – especially not loosing my life – so ‘ll keep posting:)

    ‘m looking into the comment problem.

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