3 thoughts on “Link of the day: Egg song

  1. Long time Sigg3, and nice feature song. Sorta creepy, but funny.

    Check the bloon, its nicely updated through and through with wordpress 2. Very nice system, waayyyyy better than anything else I have seen. Its all ajax powered too, which rocks.

  2. Ajax?
    There is no such thing as Ajax. It’s a phantom. The Web 2.0 campaign has been lying there dead ever since someone proposed it. It’s like DHTML. A mix of everything.

    Anywho, I saw the new design, and it looks as though you’re selling the page with the barcode and everything. Tomorrow I’ll print it out, take it down to the convenient store and scan it to see how much it goes for.
    I stop by every now and then to see what I’ve won on the contests. So far, nothing.

    I don’t understand how you can think the egg song is creepy. It is now my #1 favourite song, after your The internet is for porn.
    I’m looking into streaming it to an mp3 file, hack my workplace’s server and put it as the start-up melody on all client computers.
    See ya:D

  3. Sigg3… Please, PLEASE put that on all the company computers. Then videotape the morning routine. That would make my life worthwhile. ^_^

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