Need Money For Haircut

Sigg3 has a bad hairday
Ye Gads! I’ve got Mao’s little Red! Long-haired communist!
I should’ve stayed in bed.
The first thing I’ll do when I get paid is get a haircut. When I get hair the size of this (because it’s all natural volume, baby) it kind of curls. Must be some gene thing. But people think I’ve had it made! What? Me? Fancy haircut?! No way. The problem is that when it gets this long, I automatically start pulling it. You can see when I’ve been thinking, because there’s hair all over me and the floor. Like a dog. So I want a haircut asap. My cousin wants a car.

7 thoughts on “Need Money For Haircut

  1. Nah.
    Everyone thinks I’m so *cute*, so they’d refuse me the money.

    I hate it when people say that.
    You are *cute*.
    They are so patronizing.

    I can’t help it. I was born like this. But my hair is getting in the way. These days shampoo’s a fortune, so there’s that too. Not to mention the balsam. People should make eatable balsam. That way you didn’t have to choose between balsam and food.

    It’s hard starving for two weeks:)

  2. Jeezus christ… Is that you? Or is that the mop, personified? Wtflol.

    Yes, wtflol is now a saying so shutup and sitdown.

    Anyways, back to the hair. Dude you seriously need a haircut. But I guess the proof that you think alot (or dont think very often) could be useful.

  3. Two weeks???

    Go get a managerial job at a local supermarket and live there. At least you won’t starve that way.

    Oh, wait, that’d take months! Oh well, see you in Heaven (or Hell). :P

  4. Guess who just got his paycheck?!
    No Bloon, it wasn’t Jesus.
    I did!

    Used to work at a convenience store. All the old ladies loved me.

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