Fast women and slow horses

If you’ve got TELENOR mobile, you can send FRISMS to 1999 and receive 50 free SMSs. That’s kind of ironic.
When I starve to death, I can tell people about it.

I don’t have any food, I’m stuck with provitioning sausages and cheap spaghetti for four-five days, I have to sneak on the subway (which could result in 700 NOK fines) and I don’t know when I’ll get up from under. Nor have I gotten any of my books yet, which makes passing the mid-term test kind of hard, I suppose. But still you see me smiling like a dork in the doorway!
What’s up with that?

Is it the Russian Fatalism?
Kranksein ist eine Art Ressentiment selbst. – Hiergegen hat der Kranke nur Ein grosses Heilmittel – ich nenne es den russischen Fatalismus, jenen Fatalismus ohne Revolte, mit dem sich ein russischer Soldat, dem der Feldzug zu hart wird, zuletzt in den Schnee legt. Nichts ueberhaupt mehr annehmen, an sich nehmen, in sich hineinnehmen, – ueberhaupt nicht mehr reagiren… (Ecce Homo, Nietzsche)
The self-serving shutting down of all obsolete life processes, in the utter resignation of it all – in order to stand a greater chance of surviving the Soviet winter? Is that it? Smiling into the indifferent grin of sir Death with full spite and brakes on full?

Is it perhaps the intuition that things will get better? I dunno.

What I did was washing the entire appartment last Sunday. From top to bottom, including the roof. One of my cohabitants sent me an SMS text message later on claiming that it was the purest thing she’d seen in years. Ah, I ventured, not a virgin then..

Heh. I just met this guy who’s promised me to let me borrow his drum kit. He was all positive towards letting me have a swing at his set a couple of months ago, and luckily for me, that wasn’t just the booze talking.
He’s got one of those really expensive custom sets. All I need now is to save up some cash and buy myself a couple of proper drumsticks. Personally, I prefer the Vic Firth Andre Ceccarelli jazz sticks, and that’s not only because they’re black. They have a nice upswing, lie easily in your light grip and doesn’t promote wreckage the same way fat hard-rock sticks do. I do like the fat ones, but they tend to make you ruin the kit. And I don’t want to do that, especially when it’s somebody else’s.
The problem is the colour.
I’ve experienced snare drums looking worse by the hour when using the jazz sticks. I’m gonna have to look into possible alternatives. All of which costs insurpassable amounts of money.

My number one concern these days would be getting caught without a ticket on the subway. Here in Oslo, the guards are some real nazis, and they don’t let anyone caught out (for the rest of the day!!) if you don’t pay up front or accept a bill.
700NOK for a bad ride.
And with my student credentials, I pay 420NOK for a month! But today, that’s 420 I don’t have. If it hadn’t been for the fact that I’ve been oversleeping the last three weeks, that situation wouldn’t be hypothetical. I hope I get paid soon.

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