Bio Hazard under control!

If you happened to catch that crazy lunatic running around in nothing but mountain boots, underwear and a loosely tied bathrobe, cursing and struggling with the garbage container in the falling snow at around 1:30 am last night, you probably got a little anxious.
There’s no need to be.
It was me.

One of my co-habitants had decided that the trash was so smelly and so biologically complex that it would probably take itself out to the can, so she or she left it in the hall. It smelled like death and sour fish. For a while I considered to duck and cover, in case of a freak self-ignition. Didn’t happen, though, and after the mentioned heroic act – e.g. putting my life on the line in the driving blizzard to take out the trash – I concluded that yet again I had saved the day. Or the night..
I know my neighbours saw it. That’s what densely populated areas are for.

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