Formel 1: Budapest GP 2003 became an historical event!

That’s correct! Renault‘s Fernando Alonso won the GP as the youngest F1 driver to win a GP EVER!!!
Sigg3 dot net congratulates!

Fernando Alonso, courtesy of SCANPIX and

The race was pretty dramatic, I’d say, as in the 2nd turn William’s BMW‘s Ralph Schumacher spinned off course and had to continue the race at the last position. This wasn’t a drawback to this excellent F1driver, however, something manifested in the fact that he finished the race on a safe 4th place!

Later in the race, Rubens Barrichello from the Ferrariteam was having difficulties and driving down the lane before startposition having William’s BMW‘s Montoya in the heels, his left reartyre fell off and the car and driver smashed into the tires surrounding the track doing 170 km/h! It was a miracle he survived the crash unharmed!!

The finishing pollpositions looked like this:

  1. Fernando Alonso, Renault
  2. Kimi Raikkonen, McLaren Mercedes
  3. Pablo Montoya, William’s WMB

The World Championship has three races to go, the next one coming at the 14th of September, and it looks as if the end of it will be more exciting than it have been for several years. We’ve got Ferrari‘s Michael "Schumi" Schumacher leading with 73p, next up is William BMW‘s Pablo Montoya with 72p and coming right at them both young Kimi Raikkonen from McLaren Mercedes. Three top-notch drivers from three different teams competing to win! This looks exciting to me, what do you say? Comments are appreciated..

The last three GP’s will be held at these dates:

  • 14th of September: Italy Grand Prix (Monza)
  • 28th of September: USA Grand Prix (Indianapolis)
  • 12th of October: Japan Grand Prix (Suzuka)

Stay tuned for more F1 news!
(* img stolen from, courtesy of SCANPIX)

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