Slumber Friday, or just awaiting the inevitable?

All the icicles are melting, there’s rain in the air and a little sun, and I’m stuck in the office wondering why the heck I even stood up this morning.
What has the day amounted to? I received a Dell technician coming with a new M70 motherboard (hardware failure history), I ate lunch and waffles, had a few cigarettes and here I sit.

I checked out what kind of new, blurry photos of Bigfoot the net could offer.
I wrote some redundant slashdot comments.
I did not read.
I did not actively seek out new work-related challenges.

Sigg3 having a slumber Friday
I am just so tired. This office has no air. But this chick, a colleague in the open office, goes crazy if I open up a window because she was born without blood circulation. (Her parents were not vampires, but priests..) And Tom Waits is singing about the cold, cold ground. *sigh*
I’m going to get so seriously retarding drunk somewhen soon.

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