Link of the day: need to learn "grinding"

Every once in a while a forum thread spawns a surplus of interest and activity.
Most often they are not related to whatever the forum is about (in this case Hi fi and portable audio) but it’s something everyone can relate to. Today’s Lotd is one of the most comprehensive guides to grinding, for 13yos.

Link of the day: CompDude learns grinding (the dance)

CompDude: OK…….so there’s this dance comein up on the 14th…..and therre’s this gurl i really wan dance with……now most people (and her) like to do grinding……now she said she’d teach me at the dance…..but i’d like some basics of grinding from people on this forum……cuz i want to show her…..that im all that more…..and impress her……so let’s get goin

Kyrie: It’s all about the hip movement. If you can’t get the hip movement correct, then you can never be a good grinder! Note the males and females should move their hips differently. The female should move her hips in a circular manner. The axis of this circle should be front-back: that is, with the circle facing the male. Meanwhile the male should move his hips in a crosswise circular manner with the axis being up-down.

plainsong: When you go camping, one of the first things you need to do is pitch a tent.. And this isn’t camping, so no pitching a tent. To confuse the issue – some girls enjoy camping. Others will slap you.

ls20:Wanna be able to dance well? just drink a shazzabot load of alcohol beforehands

MichaelFranks: careful, it is a school dance so I am sure he is not old enough to drink.

CompDude: yea…im only 13…….and yes it’s a school dance…but this is also for another dance at our community center which is prolly the same week…..but no….i cant drink….and i kno….no ptiching a tent….and yea…she’d prolly slap the hell outta me

Read it, it goes on for five pages but it’s hilarious!
Hoping 2do some grinding this Saturday.. :D Have a nice weekend!

2 thoughts on “Link of the day: need to learn "grinding"

  1. I don’t think 75 year olds know what grinding is. Just as much a thirteen year old wouldn’t know what "cutting the rug" is all about.

    As for Nexuiz, just join the server with the kind of game you’re looking for. I mostly play instagib (sometimes written minstagib for some reason) and if not, I play death match at a server simply named Nexuiz DM.
    There’s two frequently played instagib server (one with 8 slots and the other with 12). If you’re lucky, you’ll find me there:)

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