Skip this if you don't like Monday posts

This is just an awkwardly bad day. It feels as though my head is in a bucket, and that there are two small goblins sitting on each shoulder holding a tea spoon. Occasionally they just tap the bucket with the spoons, sending vibrating morse-code signals through my brain just to make sure I feel terrible. I can imagine how they smile to each other.
– Dewey, what do you say?
– What do you mean, I didn’t say anything?!
– No, about Sigg3.
– What about him? He’s a dork.
– Yes, yes, of course he is. But what do you say?
   Want to tap him a little? Just for a short while?
– Sure, Johnny. Let’s tap’im!
– Oh, look, he’s getting a headache again.
– Hehe, his eyes are all red now.
– Looks like a test rabbit on cocaine.
– Serves ‘im well, the darn fool. Getting up Monday morning all optimistic!
– Yeah, you’re right. Nobody should do that.
– But he just goes on and does it anyway!
– So, Dewey, what do you say?

Stupid miserable goblins.

I’m not going to see my "study group" today either. I just can’t. In this mood, I’d probably be far from constructive, suggesting 1st-time readers to lay off their naive ambitions and go do something they can cope with. Like shoving snow or something.
In my experience people don’t like to hear that. Especially from a small nerd with goblins on his shoulders.

Thanks to Michael for sorting out my permanent links. Now you can permanently link to any post I’ve written by clicking the timestamp below each post. I know the design looks noob, but I’m going to re-write it soon, I promise. Not just today. If I did it today, I’d spontaneously spawned off a whole new era of Picasso like webdesigns.

One thought on “Skip this if you don't like Monday posts

  1. I don’t see what the big deal about monday is… I mean really, I love being optimis…… *gets striken by lightning*

    Reporter: Today in houston, we have discovered a young geek’s body lieing dead on his computer’s keyboard, there is a questionable lightning bolt scar down his neck and back, the source is unknown… Although the speculation is that he was preaching optimism on the day of eternal doom, also known as monday.

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