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The tagboard is down, the sitesearch is down (but we still have google), the sitemap is down et cetera ad infinitum. There’s so much not working on this page that one could think I was beating a dead horse. And I am. I like beating dead horses.
It’s because of that muffled sound they make.

Anyway, don’t think I haven’t thought about the horse.
What I’m gonna do is finish my XHTML 1.0 Strict w/ CSS2 design, surprise you with that, remove the tagboard since we’re confident with comments now, delete pages that have no income in terms of visitors and overally have a jolly good time. All that takes a little while to accomplish, though.
I was 95% finished with the XHTML and CSS2 when someone pointed out that the page looked like crap in Internet Explorer. And it does! My 100% validated code looks like an offspring of Barbara Streisand and a hairless monkey. Internet Explorer is more a shredder than a browser, another good reason to make the change. But since I can’t force people to download Firefox or Opera to view my page (hmmm..) I’m going to re-write it until it works.

Note: I’m not only making my page more user-friendly, but reader-friendly. This means that you will not get to see any tiny, tiny texts around here. If you’re into that sort of thing (I imagine you’re 14 years old), go somewhere else.

Alot of people have began using WordPress. I’ve seen alot of totally new-to-the-web outcasts that had no problem whatsoever using a WordPress installation. So why am I sticking to b2? First of all WordPress and b2 isn’t that far away from each other. WordPress is built on the development of b2. Second, I’ve been customizing this blog (technically) to fit my exact needs that I don’t really want to bother.
But I have other projects where I might install WordPress. Some of you know what I’m talking about.

The comments are working, but they aren’t perfect yet. It’s good you notify me, so I can debug and hassle the people at the b2 Community Board. Or maybe just Michael.

EDIT 18:35
So, I’ve been coding all day now, and I’ve gotten a lot further.
Haven’t come as far as the IE issue, though, except for localizing the source of misinterpretation. Internet Explorer parses webpages like a moron trying to be smart. Instead of checking whether any percent values are hierarchically dependent it just goes ahead with its own line of thought.
Where Firefox thinks:
"Oh, so that 100% is a 100% of the nest-container.."

Internet Explorer is all like:
"d00dz.. 70% here, 100% there, and another 100%… That makes 270%!! w00t!"

The solution is simple but hard to tweak, since this is probably just the beginning.

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