Koew turning 19

My brother Koew has entered the last year of his teens. Conflabulations!
Here’s a picture where he does that intimidating smile that he does.

Initially I had whipped up this cake to him, but then when I was finished I read on his blog that his girlfriend had baken a banana cake (now that‘s loving girlfriend:), and I just knew that it would create all sorts of trouble if I was to unleash my 1337 baking sk1llzz, taking all the attention and so forth.

So there I was with a 200 feet cake that I just had to give away to bystanders.
As you can see from this picture I took, there was no complaints about my effort.
I’m not in the picture, if you must know. But anyway.

By so doing, I’ve kept the universal peace, spread the love of bakery to wanting citizens, and done my best to wish my brother a better year. I always wish for better years since, naturally, they can always get better. Have a better one, bro!

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