Approved with doubts

That’s what one of my two hand-ins read when I fetched them this noon. It’s as good as half-way approved, approved with avengeance or approved under high suspicion. This means that I am doubtfully allowed to have the FIL1002 exam when that day comes. Wohoo!

What they didn’t know was that I wrote under the first-past-the-post principle, like the election system of the United Kingdom. This means that I didn’t write for anyone’s favour or high esteem, I wrote to get where I am today…
… lagging behind before two great exams.

In the faculty of Philosophy at my university (sounds like a song), they have this note on the third floor that says: This is the 3rd floor. The 4th floor is one floor up.
One would think that in a faculty consisting of picky logicians and analyzing thinkers such a sign would not only be inappropriate and insulting, but also unnecessary and obsolete. That’s not the case. On the contruary. Us analyzed people always end up wandering in some forgotten hallway, half-way lost and totally absent, and today was my fifth (5th!) time of entering the wrong floor. This Kantian professor that had just introduced me to some of the general problems of Utilitarianism in the classroom turned towards me and nodded. I nodded back, not entirely sure why we were nodding, ’cause I was definitely not here to nod but pick up my hand-ins. In fact, if I was going to reach my train back to work, I could only stretch so far as half a nod. (Or I could nod at a higher frequency, but that would be silly.)
– Are you coming from the lecture?
I gave him half a nod.
– Good.
– Yes, it was interesting..
I followed him thoughtlessly, wondering why the hell the reception wasn’t where it was the last time.
– You’re on the wrong floor. This is the 3rd floor. The 4th floor is one floor up.
– That makes sense
I approved, and turned around.
I got excellent remarks on my short summary of Hobbes’ State of Nature.

As for my re-written page, it looks great in 1600×1200 (in Firefox)! The downside is that it doesn’t look so good in other resolutions. I’ll do a change of tactics whenever I finally pull myself together.

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