Nabbeun Namja means Bad Guy

I had a terrible morning.
Then I came up to the university and saw a young girl staggering on a couple of crutches.
She was in real pain. She winced and groaned for every step she took, and performed some unrecognizable, agonizing facial movement to at least try to perform a smile. She had a white hat with red letters saying: I love 2 ski.

She saved my day:)

After class I bought William Shakespear’s Complete Illustrated Works for 120 NOKs at the booksale. I haven’t completed my tournée of historical dramas (will I ever?), and it was kind of cheap, and I ultimately like to have something light to read when I’m on the subway. I’m almost half-way through Nietzsche’s Ecce Homo, exclusively read on the subway. Reading Nietzsche always give you a good seat. People have all kinds of terrific misconceptions about him, which kind of affects the way they see me, standing there with a gloomy look and my alleged doomsday perspectives.
They see the cover, I smile back as friendly I can, the kind of friendly smile that ignites deeply nested doubts and fear, and they move over and let me sit in peace.

I mean, WWJD? Friendly beats being smelly by a long shot.

One thought on “Nabbeun Namja means Bad Guy

  1. That is absolute genious… I need to get that book nextime I go to a city with subway… Unfortunatly my city officials are too stupid to realize how good a subway would be. Dumbasses.

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