Link of the day: Cloroform's Cracked wide open album free mp3s!

I bought this album when it surfaced in the shops, and I was impressed with how it had climbed the sales lists, being Norwegian and all. I’ve listened to Cloroform since I saw them with the Harlem Gospel Quartet in a joint effort at Molde Jazz 2001 (festival review). They play a mix of jazz, punk, rock and freak:)

Here’s what they wrote in the mail after nearly getting killed:

"Thursday, March2 – the day before Cloroform were to play two shows in Stockholm, the band was nearly killed just outside of the RiddarHolmen. Cloroform were busy changing the oil in their van when a cadillac full of Swedes, recklessly charged out, waving their feather swords and slamming into the band. This caused the van to fall off air jack and roll into oncoming traffic. Cloroform barely escaped with their lives.

Cloroform understood that immediate actions was necessary if they where supposed to present their music to the whole world, especially now that a widespreading bird flu epidemic will sweep the world at any moment. So they decided to put out their new album on the internet, hoping that it will reach more people, in a shorter amount of time."

Without further ado, here’s the madness.
Link of the day: Cracked Wide Open (mp3s)

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