The little things

There was just this Pakistani cab driver outside giving us quite a show with his beloved, and fairly smashed, cab. That was kind of strange. We don’t have much parking space, since there’s always construction work going on in the building, but he insisted on showing off on the ice. Sprouting pebbles on parked cars and innocent bystanders. Acting like a bull in the pen.
It gave me a flashback to ye olden days in the North where the car emphasized the status of your penis.
I drove a Volvo 940. My penis was therefore top notch.

Anyway, he was swivelling around there, arm lazily out of the window giving us this crazy stare.
You effin with my cab? You EFFIN WITH MY CAB? he was saying in motorized maneuvers. Nobody dared to point out that his car needed some repairs, and that he consequently just looked ridiculous. Or very dangerous.

Five minutes later I saw one of the scientists get into the car.
She has told me earlier that she often gets carsick:)

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