Pollresults on: "Does underwear get you off?"

There are a lot of sick people reading Sigg3 dot net. Among the top 20 search strings this month are: history of the word fuck, tatu naked, jenna jameson and salma hayek sexy. But I don’t blame you. Look at me as your therapist.

This is why it was necessary to ask whether underwear gets you off or not:

Does underwear get you off?
Yes, oh, yes!: 71%
Depends on who’s in’em: 19%
No: 4%
I’m a nudist: 4%

Number of votes: 21

I had expected a few more nudists actually, but the problem with my question was that this answer seemed to oppose the notion that nudists can like underwear too. If you are a nudist, please make use of my comments to tell me your preference.

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