Poll #22: The sophisticated way of eating oranges

I was reading John Stuart Mill’s Utilitarianism last night, when I became so hungry that I just had to finish off my last orange. It was big as a small sheep’s head, a d-cup perhaps, and it satisfied me grotesquely. As I sat there, natural juice running down my cheeks and onto my clothes, laptop and Blackwell edition of said book, I wondered how Mill would have eaten it. At a british tea party during the colonial times.

Poll #22: «The Sophisticated way of eating oranges?»

1. Peel slowly and see
2. Make conversation and observe the others
3. Treat it like the plague
4. Treat it like a tit
5. Small, non-dripping nibbles
6. Ethiquette and fruit are incompatible

If you do have any funny fruit stories, please submit. But vote either way. The weekly poll is my way of prodding my readers with obscene questions. You should just admit that you like it already. I’ve read Freud too.

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