Scariest picture of the day: Baby Seal

Dah Killer Seal

Don’t let ‘im fool ya!
This Friday when saying goodbye to one of the guest researchers at the institute, I met this Australian guy who worked with wildlife n stuff. Blimey, mate, that’s a giant croc’ right there, mate. Now, let’s see if we can get a little closer. I’m gonna see how he likes having a stick put up his a**, mate. Crikey! Don’t do this at home!
You know the kind..
Anyway, this particular Aussie told us about how lethal fur seals can be. They can stand upright, and they are pretty effin enormous, and they can outrun a grown-up human for a short distance. They use their sharp claws to attack, and he told about a colleague who had gotten her faced clawed off. They were ususally armed with sticks when facing these deadly monsters, but there was one time he got attacked himself, and barely managed to fend him off by boxing the seal in the face as hard as he could.
He laughed with us but added solemnly that he was fighting for his life.. If it’s one thing I’ve learned, it’s that what initially sounds improbable, is probably true.

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