Financial round-up

Here’s my economical status quo:

Bank account: 111,38 NOK
Wallet: 40,50 NOK
Phone account: 0 NOK
Transportation card: Expired

In addition I delivered my list of hours too late to get paid this Monday…
If anyone tries to tell me things can get worse, I’ll smack’em.

But thanks to the nice people who appreciates my work at the place I’m employed, they’ll fix an ‘irregular payment’ to make sure I can eat. If they hadn’t, I’d die from starvation, and lose my internet access @ home. Not to mention get thrown out of my home.

At the moment I walk, concentrate my resources on covering the most important (e.g. food) and use the phone company’s free SMS services on their website. Got 19 free ones left this month:)

Anyway, I’m feeling a lot better!
This entire weekend I’ve been lying on the couch watching movies. That’s quite a feat for me. I usually push myself to be constructive even though I’m lingering between life and death. It’s not that I didn’t try, but my mind was so asynchronous compared to the rest of the universe, that I had to call it a weekend.
I was out Friday to have a beer, but got all queezy.. FROM ONE BEER! I think that should prove that I really was sick, beyond any reasonable doubt:)

After over-sleeping this morning I got to work and actually got some sh*t done.
Also, congrats to my uncle, celebrating his 40th birthday today!

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