Pauly invited to the Playboy Mansion!

Breaking news! This just in! Author, pokerblogger and old friend Pauly, from the Tao of Pauly, has been invited to the legendary playboy mansion. If you click that picture, you’ll not get a picture of a house, but of Heffner and a bunch of half-naked girls. ‘Cause that’s what the Playboy Mansion is all about.

Pauly confirmed the rumors today:
Yes, the rumors are true. I’ll be heading to LA on Saturday to the Playboy Mansion with a group I’d like to call Pauly’s 8 in homage to Ocean’s 11… Spaceman, Bobby Bracelet, Chad, BG, Joe Speaker, CJ, and… AlCantHang. I’m still looking for an acrobatic Mandarin-speaking Chinese guy to fill the last spot on my crew. Oh and we need a wise cracking black guy for the zany one-liners. If you have any leads, shoot me an email.

You shold read the post. He initially TURNED DOWN THE INVITATION (To The Playboy Effin Mansion, The Very Same House Marilyon Monroe Stripped Before A Camera, The Mansion Where Taboo Is The Rule, The One With The Legendary Grotto Where Dreams Come True.. you get the picture) but thanks to some emergency psychoanalytic probing from his closer friends, he eventually accepted. And spent $400 on a new outfit. If things could possibly get better, it would involve divine intervention and Katie Holmes.

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