Just a few thoughts on Prison Break

You wouldn’t believe it, but I actually share my appartment with a couple of chicks. There’s a vacant room here now, so if you’re fast you can grab your once in a lifetime opportunity to live with Sigg3. I would’ve done it without thinking. Anyway, they are nice girls, although we’ve had some differences in the past. One of them really likes to watch Prison Break.

I’ve seen a couple of episodes since I downloaded a few of them for her, but I really can’t say I’m impressed. It’s supposed to be inspired by Shawshank Redemption, which is one of the greatest prison films I’ve seen, but being inspired by such a great film hasn’t helped them guys produce a decent story at all. It has got the same feel to it like most modern TV, with flashy camera shooting instead of quality acting. Why is it that modern producers are so afraid of showing a full scene instead of trying to impress us with fast-paced cinematographic maneuvers? Is it because they are trying to cover up the fact that their script sucks?
I mean, it’s a great idea, but let’s face it; it’s not followed through.

First of all, none of the main characters are convincing.
The young kid which is the architect mastermind, a feeble blue eyed kid, would’ve been gang-raped from his first day. Not that I want to see that at all, but he doesn’t act like a person who’s locked in at all. He act like someone being inside a compound. That’s not the same as being a prisoner in a compound.
The "evil guy" who wants to do the blue eyed mastermind is just completely evil. You must hate him from the start. Why? Well, he doesn’t go for a human being at all. That’s just stupid.

It also has the really annoying story build up, like Lost and other shows have.
Nothing is really happening since half of the show is trying to impress you with what they can do in the editing room. The producers should ask themselves not what they can do but what they can do with it – in order to make the story more convincing. And if this is not supposed to be a drama, you should stop acting like it.
The pace is stupefyingly slow, and only results in me switching to other stuff instead of catching an interest, as would be the point of it. If you want to know how a good drama is built, see Agatha Christie for reference.

But this chick watching it, she really loves it.
She hasn’t seen Shawshank Redemption yet, but she will, and she will use Prison Break as the standard. I fear that most people really like Prison Break, and that it is I who is at fault when it comes to television shows. Maybe my standards are too high since, after all, I do watch a lot of alternative film. I beg to differ. I recognize quality when I see it, and Prison Break is nothing new, horrifyingly boring and altogether utter crap. Which is really bad, since the initial concept was so good. Just another waste of my time, all hype. Can’t wait till Sopranos gets on again.

2 thoughts on “Just a few thoughts on Prison Break

  1. I like it myself, but I agree with your first point. The main character does seem weak who would’ve became someone’s bitch on the first day.

    Aside from that, it’s not that bad.

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