If a grizzly bear got into a fight with a gorilla…

If you’re not a reader of Blogjam dot cow you should become one. It’s fast, it’s furious and it’s free. Like most other blogs. But Fraser is a really cool guy, who makes enormous meals (like omelet from ostrich eggs) and is also the inventor of the oh-so-popular Kittenwars.com.

In his latest entry he posts a few emails from contestants in the reality show called The Apprentice. He has only asked them one thing: If a grizzly bear got into a fight with a gorilla, who do you think would win, and why?
I don’t watch the Apprentice, but I know that it’s about some people trying to suck up to an old guy and whomever wins get to suck him. But the mails are fun even for those of us not interested in TV. That’s because it is a very good question Fraser is asking.

What would I reply?
Well, for me it’s not as much of a reply as it is the recounting of a story a little while ago. I was in the desert, and it so happened that I met a grizzly bear, a gorilla and Chuck Norris (who was followed by a news chopter). It got to a little fighting, but that was ok, since I needed the excercise. Luckily there was a papparazzi following Chuck that was able to take this picture:

Sigg3 fighting a grizzly bear

As you can see, the gorilla is a peaceful and docile animal. It doesn’t attack a friend of nature like myself. The grizzly bear, however, attacked me. It was probably confused since it was in the middle of a desert, I dunno.
Please note how calmly the gorilla allowed me to stand on its back while I kicked the bear’s ass. In this shot, the bear is just about to fall down from my high kick. I’m really proud of this picture. See how keenly Chuck Norris studies my technique.

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