Link of the day: Recent interview with Christina Lindberg

This interview from around the 20th (March 06) unveils a few of the secrets about Christina and the shooting of Thriller (aka One Eye), which I reviewed earlier. Here are some relevant info from the interview by Kevin Gilvear from

About the fighting:
[KG]: How much of a physical challenge was that?

[CL]: Yes, for example I was trained in Karate during the two months that Thriller was made.

[KG]: So you actually took Karate lessons for two months straight?

[CL]: Yea, one of the policemen in the movie, Jan Kreigsman, he was my personal trainer then and he took care of my body (laughs).

About the inserted* scenes:
[KG]: Because I notice there’s so many scenes in that film where there doesn’t appear to be any stunt doubles. Everything I see seems to be done by yourself, in close up, such as driving and fighting. Did you do everything by yourself? It certainly looks real on screen.

[CL]: Yea, I did everything myself except for those sex scenes (laughs). It’s not me.

About the eyeball scene:
[Kevin Gilvear]: OK, well I’ll ask about that in a moment, but I just want to get to the other famous scene in the film – the gruesome eyeball scene. Now I’ve heard the rumour that a real corpse was used for the shot where you have your left eye gouged out. So I’m curious of course. How was that achieved? Is there any truth to the rumour?

[CL]: Yes, it’s true. It was a young girl that had committed suicide and Vibenius, he used one of the biggest hospitals in Sweden. And they made it you know. They just put some mascara on the eyes.

[Kevin Gilvear]: That’s quite shocking. How did he actually get the body? Did he just walk in, ask for permission?

[CL]: Probably with some kind of permission from a doctor or something like that. I really don’t know how he could, and I have been asked by many people connected with this situation and everyone says that’s just the way it was.

Oh, and she was 21 when she did Thriller. You can read the entire interview at, with exclusive pictures.

(* I have been misinformed about these shots, apparently. My apologies.)

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