Why would I date Christian Quality Singles?

My, oh my. In my mail today:

The lord has bigger plans for you than just sitting here reading this email.
Like taking your match from heaven to dinner, or to a movie, or to the alter.


Let Where Christians Meet take care of that- just sign up and we will hook you up with hundreds of worthy Christian singles

Quality Singles
Our extensive search and screening process introduces you to great people you’d never meet on your own.
About the same service you get at a whorehouse.

No Games
Online chat seldom works. We’re for people who truly want to meet someone special and don’t have time for playing games.
F-ugly women and inexperienced men in need of getting laid.

Meet Serious Singles
Our members don’t just want to date. They are interested in meaningful long-term relationships.
They want to get married. No sex until you do the ‘I do’.

2 thoughts on “Why would I date Christian Quality Singles?

  1. Ah, who are you kidding, Sigg3. A nice Christian girl would probably turn you into a tolerable human being *wink*

    Kimhere, you leetle smurf *noogies head*.

  2. gaaah!

    You’re right.
    Unless she was totally in loved with me and I managed to pervert her. That’s my plan. To pervert all Christian quality singles (of the female sex). Why?
    Oh, dear.
    Why not?

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