Quiz, pizza and beer as in free

Was a great Friday! We had quiz with pizza and beer (everything free) at my workplace. At around 2am we waltzed to this place where a sister of one of our colleagues was working. It’s in Brugata, Freddy’s something, people have been shot there, really nice place.
I had been chatting with this girl there, to sneak a seat, a blond 20ish looking, nice girl. I was just my usual me, you know, drunk, and she was just her usual self, I suppose. Anyway, her two mates were a bit hostile when I entered, but we soon got along after I’d come with some Cunning Remarks®™. After that this guy kept insisting I was a genius, and who was I to tell him no?

Then the place closed up, but we who knew the sister was allowed to stay.
Drinking beer at reduced prices (everything almost free).
I was having a cigarette in the back yard, when that blonde walked over and said: I’m leaving now Salangen, nice to meet you and she could have winked for all I know. I went back inside and one of my colleagues she turned towards me and said:
– Sigge.. I bet she’s waiting for you on the outside.
– you do?
– That’s what I’d do if you’d be coming onto me like that
– What’s that supposed to mean? I just -ooooh free beer!
And that was it.
Great evening.
I was home at six am. Hope she didn’t wait too long.
On a second thought I hope she did. Patience is a virtue, no?

But after this weekend, and having bought Down by Law special edition, I’m poor again! I’m so poor that one of my bank accounts is trying to eat up the other. Kind of sad with my birthday coming up and everything. Not that I have any plans. I’ll probably go to see the Herzog movie they’re showing at Cinemateket, and have a bottle of wine afterwards.
And for those of you who love to Quiz; We came in last.

EDIT 21:43
I was asleep most of the 1st, that’s why I didn’t have any April Fools stuff on my page. Dang. I had something terrible in mind. Something vicious. Something almost perverse. Now you’ll never know what would have hit you. Doesn’t it hurt?

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