Simple joys

Tomorrow I’ll get to wear clean underwear.

Despite the ongoing underground mob war in my home, I was granted a full use of the washing machine for one (1) evening, and I eagerly accepted. It’s a fragile peace, but I intend to make the most of it.

It’s not that I’m not wearing clean underwear now.. And it’s not that I’m not wearing underwear now.. It’s just that I’m drawing on my last reserve boxers. I don’t like them very much. Either they’re too tight, too baby blue or the words Rocket Force in bold, black letters like that don’t fit my mood. So I like my Manwear™ boxers which are 99% cotton. Not Egyptian, but still.
You have to know how to take care of yourself.

In other news: tax report just came in!
Either I’ve won the jackpot or I’ve stayed topside by 2k. This remains to be seen, in the ever exciting life of yours truly… Note to self: cut down on the coffee.

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