You want to be happier?

So, you’ve probably had that experience that you’re walking down the street, all urban and stuff, and there’s this kid handing out fliers to passerbys. Those going your way, you look closely at, to see if you can find out what the flier is all about.
Not that you care, but you do it anyway. It’s an instinct.
It could be hundred dollar bills, you don’t know.
Some just throw them away, others read them, and you just think: "Hey, maybe this is something for me" without having any reason whatsoever to think so. You just do it.

Then what happens is that you’re going alongside the pavement, the kid gives you a glance, and goes like Nah, you’re not getting one. Hands a flier to somebody else.

That’s when you understand that you REALLY NEED THAT FLIER!
It’s a matter of survival!
But you can’t ask for a flier. That’s totally wrong. You can ask for a light, a cigarette or for directions, but you just don’t ask for fliers. As you’ve seen in old movies, they had a blimp hovering around dropping fliers like pigeons drop shit, and you ain’t never see anyone going like: "Please, could I have a look at one of those?"
It’s a social form of natural selection.
Those who ask are not fit for urban life. They have failed the test.

That happened to me today.
Only reason I got my hand on one was that the kid was suddenly going in my direction. It was an invitation to a meeting about the modern science and mental health, some scientologist, dianetics crap. Yes, your mental health will get better, since the UFOs have left magnetic trails across the sky.
I crunched it into a ball and tossed it. Fucking waste of my time.

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