22nd birthday roundup

Got up way too late.
Went to Clas Ohlson to buy a 1GB memory stick for this chick at work.
Let me tell you something. It’s always baking hot in Clas Ohlson. This time I was there for 10 minutes top (just rushing through) and I was still sweating. If you stay there for more than that you start sweating up your ass.
Apart from that, it’s a convenient store, they have everything.

Back to work. Got my shit sorted with this Easter payment and all.

Saved a puppy from drowning.

Ate a small Grandiosa pepperoni pizza, watching David Chapelle’s Killing them softly

Saw Herzog’s Aguirre – Wrath of God at Cinemateket. Kick ass.

Got home, opened a bottle of wine, watched Eddie Murphy’s Delirious

Drowned a puppy.

That about sums it all up. Nice and quiet, just the way I want it. Last year’s surprise party scared the shit out of me. I was dumbfounded for the entire evening. Besides, I always feel guilty when someone congratulates me on my birthday. It’s not like I deserve the attention or anything. Every day is my birthday. You should congratulate the earth I walk on. But back to work..

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