People always ask why I'm broke… this is why

"You never do anything!" they say. Or "You have a well-paid position and work like hell, how come you’re always broke? It’s not like you ever have time off."

They are partially right.
I have a loan too, but it’s only recently I’ve begun using it.

So, I thought I’d check my account today to once and for all prove that I am actually a big spender. It’s just that I spend my money on immaterial things, like joy, adventure and harmony. You can’t measure that in money. At least that’s what I thought until today.

PAYMENT   [undisclosed]   SHOWBAR   19,888 NOK ($USD 3300)

This is adding every single visit since the 1st of April 2005 together, not including cab rides, additional beverage prior to or after the event, getting mugged or throwing money away at over-priced counterfeit substances.
That’s a year of striptease expences, right there.
After finding that out I feel like I should write something really cool. Pimpin’ Clintwood kind of cool. A really good Bukowski quote. I can’t think of anything. Fuck it.

Saturday Night Edit
"That’s life – that’s what all the people say
You’re riding high in April – and seriously shot down in May"
– Tom Waits

4 thoughts on “People always ask why I'm broke… this is why

  1. Nothing, as far as I know:p
    But I’m not going to do the bad conscience trip tonight. I’ll deal with it later:D

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